Small Willow Reindeer

Small Willow Reindeer


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Reindeers are fascinating creatures; during the festive season, they are the magical right-hand helpers of Father Christmas, deftly navigating the Christmas Eve sky at the helm of an equally magical gift-laden sleigh. In mythology –- whether Norse or Celtic – they are mysterious, totemic beasts symbolising strength and endurance.

This fine specimen has been handwoven in dense layers of natural willow by Devon-based willow artist Katherine Miles and will prove to be a wonderful statement piece for the Christmas home or garden.

Materials: Willow, steel core body and legs

Dimensions (approx.): H:125cm (max.), 75cm (to back); L:100 (max.); W:55 (max.)

Care: This sculpture has been treated with a linseed oil spray (50% linseed and 50% turpentine) using an ordinary hand-held plant sprayer so it can be easily sprayed to protect the sculpture thoroughly. If you wish to place the sculpture outdoors long term, it is recommended that this process is repeated a couple of times a year to maximise the longevity of the piece. With the correct care, this magnificent sculpture can be enjoyed for many years.

Note: Due to the use of natural materials, each sculpture is unique.

No assembly required.