Wax-dipped Amaryllis Red

Amaryllis Bulbs, wax dipped


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Amaryllis are a glorious addition to any room during the festive season. But these exquisite bulbs have a novel twist, they are covered in red or white wax, and will grow to produce glorious red blooms with absolutely no intervention!

Dipped in wax, these large bulbs require no potting nor watering. As they rest on a wire base to keep them level, they can be placed in cooler areas of a room such as on window ledges. Temporarily, they can be placed in warmer areas if, for example, being used as a table centre. Tied with a festive ribbon, they also make an excellent gift.

Select wax and flower colour:

  • Red Wax - Amaryllis Bordeaux (red flower)
  • White Wax - White Amaryllis (white flower)


  • Position in sun, but not full sun.
  • Best in cooler rooms.
  • Rate of growth is 2 to 3 weeks, depending upon room temperature.
  • Flowering period is 2 to 3 weeks, depending upon room temperature.
  • Harmful if eaten.