Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Bonbonnières

Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Bonbonnières


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Eye-catchingly beautiful, these papier maché bonbonnières or chocolate boxes are handmade and hand decorated in Kashmir. Each bonbonnière is decorated by a skilled artisan, expert in the traditional decorative motifs that have been admired since the Moghul era.

Within each bonbonnière is a delicious hoard of dark chocolate coated ginger. The result is a delicious gift of sweetness in a container that can be cherished long after the festivities are over.

May contain traces of nuts and gluten.

Choose from a selection of different bonbonnières dependant on the decorative colours:

  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Red and Gold
  • Red and Green
  • Red and Pink

Contents:Dark, milk and white chocolate coated whole almonds in painted and gilded papier maché bonbonnerie

Contents: Almonds, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, milk powder, whey powder, vegetable fat, emulsifier (lecithin) glazing agents (gum arabic, shellac)

Made in the UK, container made in Kashmir, India

Each pattern, being hand painted, may vary slightly from the image.

Box dimensions: Dia:13cm, H:12cm

Box weight: 130g

Store at 15-18ºC