Gate Valve Drinks Dispenser, bottle not included

Gate Valve Drinks Dispenser


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We think this unusual drinks dispenser, specially made for Burford, is undeniably cool and embodies the raw integrity of industrial design.

The tap of the Gate Valve Drinks Dispenser is made from brass and copper, with a fire engine red handle to regulate the flow of the drink. The base is hewn from stained, reclaimed timber, and while it looks rugged, it is finished so that it will not scratch the surface underneath. Hand coiled, the swirl of small bore, copper piping above the tap looks random, but it allows air back into the bottle as you release the liquid, to avoid creating a vacuum.

Completely different and eye catching, this drinks dispenser will be a talking point but is at the same time highly functional. 

Materials: Wood, copper, brass, painted metal, rubber

Fits: The rubber stopper is designed to accommodate the neck of most spirit bottles


Base: H:4cm, W: 14.5cm, D: 21.5cm
Tap: to bottom of base: H: 33c, tap W:14cm
Overall height, dependant on coil of copper wire approx: 50cm
Materials: Wood, copper, brass, painted metal, rubber