Jerry Can Drinks Bar Cabinet - Green

Jerry Can Drinks Bar Cabinets



Specially designed and bespoke for Burford, these vintage style Jerry Petrol Drinks Cabinets are a fantastic gift for men on the go. A portable product, these can be taken anywhere and easily set up so that you have everything you need to create the perfect aperitif, whilst not having to try too hard. They can be taken to BBQs, are great for camping and are a super gift for someone special.

Each cabinet has a 25ml liquid tap, which holds a 50cl bottle of the drink of your choice. There is also storage for your cans of necessary tonic or soft drinks, and a space to hold a small drinking glass. Firm yet easy to open clasps keep the cabinet closed together, and one can easily clean the cabinet inside ready again for it's next use.

These come in two colours:

  • Black (Whiskey & Coke Themed)
  • Khaki Green (Gin & Tonic Themed)


(Please note that the bottles in these pictures are not included)

Dimensions: L: 37cm, H: 47cm, D: 17cm