Xocolatl Dessert Selection

Xocolatl Dessert Selection


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These chocolates are almost, but only almost, too beautiful to eat. So much more stylish than a chocolate teapot and the most tasteful gift from a Christmas guest.  

The presentation box with its clear windowpane reveals 16 jewel-like chocolates hiding unspeakably good centres. Every chocolate is sublime, whether you select a marbled red dome filled with coffee praline, a bronze cube holding vanilla, or a jade and yellow cocoa pod containing lemon.

It is no surprise that these exquisitely sophisticated chocolates are made in Christiansfeld, a town in Jutland, Southern Denmark, which is now a Unesco World Heritage site. Founded in 1773, Christiansfeld’s architecture reflects the cool, pared-back beauty of design for which Denmark is renown. 

May contain traces of nut.

Contents: 16 dark and milk chocolate pralines

Box dimensions: H: 2cm, W:32cm, D:10.5cm

Box weight: 135g

Store at 15-18ºC