Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Trees - 4ft to 8ft

Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Trees - 4ft to 9ft


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**Delivered to selected local postcodes only**

The family Christmas tree is often surrounded by personal tradition, ritual and, one hopes, not a little eccentricity. What is certain, however, is that whatever tree you choose, it is the first guest to arrive in your house for the festive season and the last to leave (usually!) on Twelfth Night, so it needs to be glorious and exquisitely dressed.

The Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana) is indigenous to the forests of Georgia and has become one of the most popular choices for a handful of good reasons. Most importantly it is beautiful. Attractively shaped with slightly upturned branches, the deep green, glossy foliage is tinged with a subtle chalky colouration that is particularly effective in artificial light and a wonderful foil to myriad baubles. It is also a benign tree if there are young children around, because the plentiful needles are less prickly, being slightly flattened and blunt ended. Finally, it is an excellent variety for keeping its needles and with a little care (please see details) will look fresh for the weeks required. 

And, as if this fir needs further endorsement, a 23ft specimen from the Great Park adorns St George's Hall, Windsor Castle.

Sustainably grown from seed at least 9 years ago.

Available in four approximate sizes:
  • 1.25m - 1.5m (4ft - 5ft)
  • 1.5m - 1.75m (5ft - 6ft)
  • 1.75m - 2.0m (6ft - 7ft)
  • 2.0m - 2.5m (7ft - 8ft)

As a guide, shown in the pictures is a very helpful member of our Plants' Team, who is 6ft tall.

We deliver to selected postcodes within a 40 mile radius of Burford Garden Company.

To fulfil customer expectations Burford Garden Company carefully selects its Christmas trees from a high quality, sustainable British crop. In common with all grown purchases, there will be minor variations from tree to tree. Your tree may look slightly different from the image, but its quality should not be in question. Equally, the measurement cannot be precise. Trees are measured from the base of the trunk to the point at which the highest layer of branches if closed.

Please remember your Christmas tree will last longer if in a room below 18ºC; avoid positioning near a radiator or other source of heat. As soon as your tree arrives, remove the netting, shake it out and saw 2cm from the bottom and place in a bucket of water. The water taken up during this period will hydrate the tree properly. Once positioned, ensure that the water reservoir in the stand is topped up daily with cold water.

  • 4ft - 5ft (125-150cm)
  • 5ft - 5.5ft (150-175cm)
  • 5.5ft - 6.5ft (175-200cm)
  • 6.5ft - 8ft (200-250cm)