Mangowood Dominoes

Mango Wood Dominoes


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Made and painted by hand, this ethically sourced mango wood Dominoes set has a beautifully tactile quality and will encourage years of family play.

Dominoes is a fun game of connecting identical patterns of dots for two players or more. It can be played on many different levels, as an educational experience that can be taught to children, right the way through to a combat of high strategy for experts. Like many other activities, playing dominoes it is one of those must-have skills that will last a lifetime and provide hours of stimulation and pleasure.

Originating in China, this ancient game became popular in 18th century Italy, and it's thought that it's name derives from the carnival costime of the Venetian carnival.


Material: Mango wood

Size: H: 5cm, W: 20.5cm, D: 7.5cm

Please note that the small pieces in this game present a choking hazard for young children.