Penelope Chilvers Sami Slippers, 37

Penelope Chilvers Sami Slippers


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These Penelope Chilvers Sami Slippers are the solution to being snug at home, without the suggestion that you are off to make cocoa and don a dressing gown. The robust but supple slippers are in dazzling orange wool felt, with a decorative folk braid, felt inner and sturdy rubber sole; they are also extremely comfortable. 

The design of the slippers is inspired by the Sami people, once indigenous to Sweden, Finland and Norway, whose livelihoods were based around fishing and herding reindeers, and who knew a thing or two about the need for cosiness.

For interior wear, but they can be worn outside if the ground is dry.

Colour: Orange

Available in sizes: 37 - 41. For the best fit, please see our Size Guide.

Materials: Wool  felt, braid and rubber soles

Made in Spain. 

Care: Protect felt with Kiwi Aquastop to extend the life of the slipper.