Torrons Stone Ground Chocolate

Torrons Stone Ground Chocolate


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Traditionally, this Torrons Stone Ground Chocolate is used in Spain as drinking chocolate 'a la tassa', but it can also be used for cooking marvellously authentic cakes and deliciously rich puddings and biscuits.

Made by a family-run firm in Catalonia, which has been producing confectionary (including nougat) since 1770, this wonderfully rustic lump of artisanal chocolate contains 60% cocoa solids and is gluten free.

Select from three different flavours:

  • Cinnamon
  • Spicy Chilli
  • Vanilla

Block of artisan chocolate, 60% cocoa

Block dimensions: H:10.5cm, W:16cm, D:2cm

Block weight weight:300g


  • Cinnamon: cocoa powder, sugar, rice flour and cinnamon powder
  • Spicy Chilli: cocoa powder, sugar, rice flour and chilli powder
  • Vanilla: cocoa powder, sugar, rice flour and vanilla powder

Store at 15-18ºC

Please note all bars may contain trace elements of nuts or soya