Rain 480 Amber Copper Wire Multiple String LED Lights Indoor

Rain Copper Wire Multiple String LED Lights Amber Indoor


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Create an extraordinary illuminated display with these contemporary amber micro LED lights on bare, bendable copper wire. Twenty-four or twenty-six strands, containing a total of 480 or 702 tiny, white, V-shaped micro LED lights, spray out from a central core. The low energy, eco friendly bulbs emit a cosy amber light.

These bare wire string lights will provide quite a focal point, and, because the wires can be bent, you can arrange them however you like. Here are some ideas we have used in store:

  • For a Christmas tree, start with the core at the top of a tree and separate the light strands so they skim the outside from the top down, like rain falling.
  • For an illuminated centrepiece arrangement, start with the core at the bottom of a clear glass vase and swirl around, leaving some of each strand outside the vase. Add bare twigs with berries and wrap the strands along the twigs.
  • For a festive feature, especially next to a doorway or in front of a window, wrap the strands around a large ornament .
  • For your mantelpiece or banister, loosely twist the whole light set together to form a thick rope, swagged beneath an arrangement of seasonal greenery.
  • To  create a wreath of light on a door or window, twist again, more tightly, and attach the ends to the beginning.

This versatile light set is perfect for Christmas or indeed parties at any time of year!

Colour: Amber lights on Copper wire


480 bulbs (24 strands) – Total: 7m (each strand of lights: 2m; connection cable: 5m)
702 bulbs (26 strands) – Total: 7.7m (each strand of lights: 2.7m; connection cable: 5m)


Bulb spacing: 10cm

Power: Transformer: 240/12V

Energy consumption: A rated. 480 bulbs – 6kW/1000 hours; 702 bulbs – 7kW/1000 hours

Dimmer: no

Timer: No

Multifunction: No

British plug

For indoor use only.