Sparkly Patchwork Goose

Sparkly Patchwork Goose


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Our Sparkly Patchwork Goose (or gander?) makes an enchanting Christmas decoration. Geese are deep-seated in the idea of a traditional English Christmas – channel Dickens’s Christmas Carol, but with rather more sparkle.

Modelled on the naturalistic form of the bird (approximately life size) the goose stands proudly on bespangled feet. Its plumage is replaced by textured velvet, silky brocade and faux fur with flourishes of natural goose down. And finally, rather like gilding the lily, they are encrusted with gold beads.

With its serpentine neck and shiny eyes, the goose looks charmingly festive. Arrange alone or with festive lights and foliage on a mantlepiece, alcove or as a table centrepiece.

Material: Polystyrene model covered with brocade fabric, faux fur fabric, glitter and natural pheasant feathers

Size: H: 50cm, W: 45cm (not including tail feathers), D: 20cm

Keep away from fire.

These geese are hand made and may vary slightly from the image.