Twig Starburst Wreath with Copper Dusted Berries

Twig Starburst Wreath with Copper Dusted Berries


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The gilded twigs that form the base of this copper toned wreath give the impression of movement and dynamism as they appear to swirl round like a Catherine wheel. Attached to them is an array of festive goodies: gilded apples and pinecones, sparkly artificial leaves with red veins, picked out by frosted red berries. Prettily distressed, copper coloured bells add a final, gently jingling touch. Before you even start, this wreath introduces a visual glow of seasonal warmth.

Suitable for an enclosed porch or indoor use.

Wreath with artifical foliage and berries, gilded natural pinecones, metal bells

Size: 65cm diameter

Keep away from fire.