Long Nosed Venetian Mask Black and Red (musical instruments not included)

Long Nosed Venetian Mask Black and Red


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Encrusted with jewel like colour, this Venetian mask has a glistening black nose, contrasting with red, white and green sequins (homage to the Italian flag?) around the face. Lustrous green and black feathers, including a peacock’s eye, are held in place by a scarlet coloured jewel. Wear it to a party or hang it on the wall for Christmas, which ever you decide, it makes a grand statement.  

The traditional silhouette of this Venetian mask has a compelling history. The furrowed brow and beak-like nose evolved from the masks once worn by doctors to protect themselves from illness. Originally the exaggerated nose of the mask would have been stuffed with scented posies to protect the wearer.

Please note this is for dressing up or to use as a Christmas decoration, it is not a toy.

Material: 50% Acrylic, 50% Poyester, real feathers

Size: One size – H:54cm,W:23cm, D:16.7m

Ties: Black satin ribbon

Warning, not a child's play thing. Keep away from fire.