Peacock Filigree Mask

Peacock Filigree Mask


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Fabulously peacock patterned fabric is embellished with lime green sequins, gilded braid, an emerald green jewel and lashings of glitter. Wear it to a party or hang it on the wall for Christmas – ideally both!

Glittering with flashing colour, this Peacock Filigree Mask is inspired by the lavish outfits worn during the legendary Carnival in Venice. This style of mask is called a Colombina, originally worn by the maidservant character in the Commedia dell'Arte. The Commedia was a travelling troupe of Italian actors who performed comical plays across 16th-18th Century Europe, which was also known as the Commedia alla Maschera – hence the mask.

Please note this is for dressing up or to use as a Christmas decoration, it is not a toy.