Bassam Wire Reindeer Standing Small

Bassam Wire Reindeer Standing Small


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This handsome rustic reindeer is a superb statement Christmas decoration. In rustic-hued wire, it has been lovingly hand-sculpted.

Featuring incredibly majestic antlers, which would be fabulous decorated with lightweight baubles, micro LED lights and seasonal foliage, this King of the Forest standing reindeer will look magnificent placed indoors by the Christmas tree or in the garden, ready to welcome Father Christmas on Christmas Eve...

Made from metal wire, further weathering will occur if left outside unprotected from the elements, but we think this only adds to the look.

The antlers are attached the body of the reindeer, they can be adjusted and shaped.

Colour: Rust

Size: Small

Dimensions: H:104cm, L: 57cm, W:18cm