The Wasabi Co. Shiso Gin, 50cl
The Wasabi Co.

Shiso Gin, 50cl


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Made with Dorset grown purple shiso, this delicate dry gin offers a balance of traditional Japanese flavours, including the subtle shiso flavours of basil, mint, and caraway, zesty yuzu, and sudachi; all combined with the traditional English botanicals of juniper, coriander, and bay. Try in Tom Collins, with yuzu juice in place of lemon, for a fresh cocktail. 

A member of the mint family, shiso possesses savoury herbaceous flavours often likened to that of basil or caraway, whilst, known as the 'Queen of Citrus’ in Japan, yuzu is a cross between a wild citrus and a sour mandarin. Sudachi is a citrus with a lime flavour and peppery, herbal undertones that, along with the other Asian inspired botanicals used, balance beautifully with those typical of a London dry.

  • 40% ABV
  • Made in England
  • Product of the UK
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