The Cultured Whey Kombucha Vinegar

Kombucha Vinegar



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By promoting intestinal flora this raw kombucha vinegar regulates intestinal activity, improves cellular strengthening, and balances pH levels. Along with B Vitamins, amino acids, good yeast and bacteria, this tonic contains glucuronic, acetic, and gluconic acids, which play an important role in natural detoxification.

Producing a range of fermented tonics and remedies, The Cultured Whey offer small batch health solutions to improve gut health, boast immunity, and provide you with greater sense of well-being in both mind and body.

  • Take one or more tablespoons every morning
  • Mix with warm water or juice
  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
  • Taste and colour may vary from batch to batch
  • Kombucha is a living product
  • Made in South Africa
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