Composter and Scoop

Composter and Scoop


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Home composting is the most environmentally friendly way of dealing with kitchen and garden waste, this metal composter is an ideal place to start. Uniquely designed to produce and feed organic compost straight into the soil, the metal container sits on top of the earth base, allowing both drainage and access to the soil organisms that are essential for good compost. 

The conical shape of the composter makes it perfect for placing an obelisk over it for direct distribution of beneficial material into the soil. This will, in turn, boost growth in any surrounding vegetable beds as well as the plants growing up the frame. The handy scoop acts as a funnel to ensure every bit of organic material enters the composter with minimal spillage or waste. 

It is best to avoid letting one type of material dominate your composter, instead aim for a mix of green and brown materials. For example, kitchen waste and grass clippings are best mixed with brown woody material, as they tend to be wet and easily compacted, excluding air.

Dimensions: H: 102cm, Base circumfrence: 54cm Top circumference: 42cm

Weight: 2.67kg

Materials: Metal