Heavy Duty Bell Cloche

Heavy Duty Bell Cloche


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Built to last, this Heavy-Duty Bell Cloche will protect your vegetables and young plants from any hungry deer, birds, or other mischievous characters. Its thick, robust metal wiring has been handcrafted by Indian artisans, ensuring the very best protection for your plants. Winding around the top and bottom is a copper ring to deter any slugs and snails from crawling in to feast upon your produce.

Come winter, placing the cloche over tender plants or bulbs will prevent any snow from settling around them, making them less likely to freeze. Its tall, elegant bell shape ensures your plants will have plenty of room to grow. An immensely practical garden tool that also boasts a stylish industrial rusticity.

Dimensions: 48cm, W:40cm, D:40cm

Materials: Galvanized steel and copper

Weight: 1.6kg