Ultimate Lined Leather Gardening Gloves

Ultimate Lined Leather Gardening Gloves


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Ideal for general gardening and DIY, these luxuriously soft Ultimate Lined Leather gloves are hardwearing. Made from quality leather, with a thick, plush lining, they are warm and protective, whilst being durable enough to protect hands from coarse branches, stems and plants. They also have the classic ergonomic keystone thumb design, allowing for a less restrictive and more comfortable fit.

Perfect for tougher gardening tasks that involve handling coarse branches and stems, whilst also being ideal for other tasks, including weeding, watering, cutting, fertilising, sowing and seeding.

Choose from these sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • Small (wrist to fingertip 17.1cm, EU size 7)
  • Medium (wrist to fingertip 18.21cm, EU size 8)
  • Large (wrist to fingertip 19.2cm, EU size 9)

Product care: Can be washed. Keep away from fire and eletrical elements.