Organic Natural Fertiliser (2LT)

Organic Natural Fertiliser


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A by-product of a renewable energy plant, this Organic Fertiliser is completely natural. As well as being a low carbon alternative, the formula is completely plant-based and enriched with essential nutrients such as Phosphorous, Nitrogen and Potassium, meaning that plants can absorb these nutrients more slowly for a sustained growth rate. It's extremely quick to absorb and is 100% earthworm friendly, a strong bonus for wildlife lovers and gardeners.

Size: 2 litres

Product Use: Mix 100ml of the liquid fertiliser with 5 litres of water, and apply to the soil around the plants every week. When fruits of the crop start to swell, reduce the feed to twice every week.


Keep out of reach of children. Wear gloves whenever using and always wash your hands after handling. (Despite being completely natural, the fertiliser has quite a strong aroma...)