Topbuxus Health Mix

Topbuxus Health Mix


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This health mix is the ideal product to keep your Buxus hedges and bushes healthy throughout the spring and summer seasons. There are particular types of diseases that can bother box plants, so before any disease or fungus becomes established it is best to keep it at bay with such a mix as this, applied 3-5 times throughout the season. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Please choose from the following sizes:

  • Small (10 tablets)
  • Large (100 tablets)


  • Small: H:10.4cm, Dia:9.8cm
  • Large: H:20cm, Dia:22cm


  • Small: 260g
  • Large: 2.3kg


  • Small: 10 tablets
  • Large: 100 tablets

Directions for use: Mix a single tablet in 1 litre of water and leave for 10 minutes to dissolve. Spray over 10 square metres of box foliage. Apply in either the morning or afternoon on a warm day, but no warmer than 25°C. Apply 3-5 times from March through to October.