Toprose Rose and Shrub Feed 4kg

Toprose Rose and Shrub Feed 4kg


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To really guarantee a truly beautiful Rose, sometimes a little extra help can come in handy. The Toprose Rose & Shrub feed is a granular food ideal for plants due to being well nourished with plenty of essential vitamins needed for successful growth. These nutrients include Nitrogen, for balanced growth, and Iron and Magnesium, for helping to prevent premature discolouring and guarding against nutrient deficiency. 

Being very easy to use, Toprose is surely an essential plant feed for a gorgeously smelling and colourful garden.

Weight: 4kg

Product Use: Apply evenly to the soil around the plants and hoe lightly. Keep of any stems and leaves. (Further instructions can be found on the box)


Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective gloves and wash any skin contaminated thoroughly after handling.