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Bee Brick


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For wildlife lovers and the environmentally concerned alike, we have just the thing to add to enrich your gardens. These innovative bee bricks represent a way of tackling the heart of the problem that all bees face, mainly caused by biodiversity loss. Serving as a way to emulate the bees’ natural habitations, they provide shelter and safety for the bees, and can be simply placed in your garden or integrated into a structure.

Solitary bees will also use these blocks to hibernate in over winter, along with incubating their larvae, providing them with the much-needed space to raise the next generation of bees. These bee houses will be sure to encourage biodiversity throughout the entire garden.

Bring these wonderful devices into your garden, or give them as a gift to someone else for their own. Solitary bees are much calmer than swarming species, so this will also be an excellent way to introduce children to their fascinating world.

Material: 75% recycled concrete

Weight: 2.9kg

Dimensions: L:21.5cm, W:10.5cm, H:6.5cm

This item will be delivered directly to you from the manufacturer or supplier within eight weeks. A charge of £50 per delivery will be added to this order.