Frog and Toad House

Frog and Toad House


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Hand made from pottery in an elegant tagine form with a luscious green glaze, this Frog and Toad House offers a haven to beneficial amphibians in your garden.

Position under foliage near a pond or in a cool damp place, and this frost proof house will offer shelter and protection. The partially cutaway bottom allows contact with pleasantly cold, damp soil in the summer, in the winter the amphibian can hunker down on the insulating ceramic floor area for hibernation.

Toads have a life expectancy of between ten and 15 years, frogs between five and ten, during that time they will eat a great number of slugs and snails and so help to preserve many of your hosta, lupins and delphiniums. Encourage them with a home of their own!

Materials: Ceramic with glaze

Dimensions:H:20cm, W:38cm, D:20cm

Weight: Approx 2kg

Position in a damp, shady part of the garden, near a pond if possible