Hedgehog Barn

Hedgehog Barn


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This heavenly Hedgehog Barn is made from certified sustainable timber. With its Dutch barn inspired profile it is an attractive feature in the garden but following research they have been specially designed to accommodate hedgehogs. The extendable porch leads to a ventilated bedchamber, large enough and strong enough to accommodate and protect a mother and her hoglets in the summer. Because it is waterproof, it is also suitable for hibernation in the winter. A sturdily hinged door in the back allows cleaning if the tenants have moved out.

Hedgehogs are amongst the most delightful visiting wildlife that we are likely to see in our gardens, but they are under threat, their numbers declining. Our gardens may well be a lifeline for hedgehogs, and we have all been advised to ensure we leave holes in walls or fences so that they can wander from garden to garden at night. A special home would go down well too...

Materials: Certified sustainably sourced timber

Dimensions:H:24.5cm, W:38cm, D:41cm, with porch extended: 51cm

Weight: 3.1kg

Position the barn in a suitably sheltered part of the garden under nearby folliage. Hedgehog food is also available instore.