Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower Hearts


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Wild birds bring wonderful colour and tuneful birdsong to our gardens and regular feeding will encourage them to stay! Birds are more active and use far more energy in the summer months, so it is good to given them that extra nutritional boost even when the weather is warmer. Chirpy bird food is committed to sustainability, using 100% natural ingredients and plastic free packaging that is fully recyclable at home.

Sunflower hearts are easy for birds to eat and far less messy than sunflower seeds, leaving your lawn nice and tidy. Full of protein and essential oils these are a great way to help birds maintain healthy feathers and skin. Packed at source to maintain freshness they are a great option for feeding your garden birds.

Suitable for ground feeding, bird tables or seed feeders.

Regular feeding will attract an abundance of different bird varieties which may include:

  • Blue Tits
  • Chaffinches
  • Collared Doves
  • Goldfinches
  • Robins
  • Siskin


NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: type: a complementary feed, composition: sunflower kernels (bakery grade)

TYPICAL NUTRITION: protein: 23.5%, fat: 55.4%, fibre: 11.8%, ash: 3.4%, moisture: 8%