Wild Bird Nester - Tahera

Wild Bird Nester - Tahera


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We especially like this new Wild Bird Nester. It is extremely attractive and provides an ideal haven in which garden birds can build their nests. During the harsher weather, which can take its toll on so many smaller birds, it offers a wonderfully protected shelter for roosting.

This oval Tahera nester is remarkably sturdy, woven around a steel wire frame with double, bound wire hooks at the back to facilitate hanging in a suitable site and a protruding, reinforced entrance to encourage perching.

Made from sea grass and recycled sari fabric, the artisan weavers who create these nesters choose their own colours, so every nester is unique. As a World Fair Trade Organisation product, the sale of this nester helps to support impoverished rural communities where they are made in Southern Bangladesh.

Available in three designs, the 'Tahera' shown here, the 'Shesali' and 'Anita', available separately.

Please note that due to the recycled and handmade nature of these products, the colouring and style may vary from nester to nester.

Materials: Natural sea grass, recycled sari cotton, steel wire

Size:  H: 27cm (excluding hanging loop), W: 14cm, D: 11.5cm

Use: Hang from bound metal wires, out of the wind in any appropriate foliage cover in the garden such as ivy, hedges a bush or a tree. Ideally the nest should face between North and South-East.