Seed Potato - Nicola

Seed Potato - Nicola


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The Nicola is a high yielding second early variety of potato that is perfect for salads, considered one of the tastiest of its type. The potato is set apart by its ability to be grown in pots or bags as well as borders. The Nicola is also one of hardy stock, being generally disease-resistant with good storage capability.

Content: 2kg of seeding potatoes of various sizing, brown paper packaging

Planting variety: second early

Before planting: Be sure to chit your potatoes, leaving them in open air to allow sprouts to grow from the eyes, which are positioned on the blunter end of the potato. Stand the potatoes with the eyes facing up in natural light and plant out when chutes are 1.5-2.5cm in length.

Plant: Plant out once the soil has started to warm up, from April onwards. Plant between 7.5-13cm deep in a trench with a sprinkling of fertiliser and spaced 30cm apart with 40-50cm between rows. Ensure that the potatoes are planted with the chutes pointing upwards. As shoots appear, cover them with a ridge of soil so that a mound of 15cm is present around each plant by the end of the season.