Tomato Midnight Snack F1

Tomato Midnight Snack F1


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Midnight Snack Tomato is one of our particularly favourites. Tolerant and easy going in terms of growth, this cherry-sized tomato is absolutely beautiful to look at, crops extremely well and tastes marvellous. The intriguing deep purple marbling of the skin deepens as it ripens, is the result of anthocyanin, a chemical associated with health giving properties that appear in many deeply pigmented plant foods.

As they are very easy to grow, these tomatoes can be germinated indoors or outdoors (as long as they are under glass) and planted out once the soil/weather is warm enough.

Germination: Under glass, February - April

Fruiting: July - October

Plant height: 200cm, Spread: 50cm

Preferred position: Full sun