Mini Meadow, Small and Large

Mini Meadow


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Sow an area (whether 3 or 10 metres square), with the contents of these Mini Meadow sachets and create a wildflower meadow in your garden. Not only will it be beautiful to look at, but it will attract native pollinating insects and so other wildlife – from birds to hedgehogs – will be tempted into your garden.

In addition to the seeds, the mixture contains soil conditioner and mycorrhizal fungi which will encourage the germination and strong growth of the wildflower seeds. Simply prepare the ground, sow and water in. The optimum times to sow are in spring and autumn.

Available in two sizes:

  • Small, coverage: 3 sq.m
  • Large, coverage: 10.2 sq.m

Contents: Seeds, miycorrhizal fungi, soil conditioner 


Large: 1.2L, 10 sq.m coverage
Small 500ml, 3 sq.m coverage

 Follow instructions on packaging