Decorative Garden Candle Holders

Decorative Garden Candle Holders


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Ornamented with organic motifs that so typically reflect the Swedish grasp of style, these Decorative Garden Candle Holders look wonderful positioned amongst the lush foliage of a herbaceous border, surrounded by swaying grasses or in a planted container.

The rusted patina is an intentional finish rather than a sign of corrosion, and as a result these candle holders, whether Bracken, Heart Leaves, or Polypodium Fern, will reside happily in the garden throughout the season. They look particularly eye catching alongside allium seed heads in summer and fairytale-like in winter as the frosts catch any hard structures in the garden. In addition to their attractiveness, they are useful because the flat, circular bases of the decorative foliage work make them perfect for holding large candles to illuminate the garden at night.

Available with different three silhouettes:

  • Bracken
  • Heart Leaves
  • Polypodium Fern

Material: Metal, rusted finish

Approx Size:

Bracken - H:80 stick, decoration H:21cm, diam:11cm (circular hold in base to allow rainwater to drain)
Polypodium fern - H:80 stick, decoration H:22cm, diam:11cm
Squirelberry  - H:80 stick, decoration H:21cm, diam:11cm (circular hold in base to allow rainwater to drain)