Zinc Lattice Balls

Zinc Lattice Balls



Handsome and tactile, these zinc lattice balls can be arranged in a garden or landscape to dramatic effect. Modern in design, they have a stylised elegance recalling the beauty of orrery spheres, used for centuries to mark the passage of the planets. The balls are handmade using complete bands of zinc, in a patinated grey that only improves with age and weathering.

Seen from afar, the balls take on a strong sculptural definition; up close, the lattice effect of their construction creates angled windows revealing intriguing details of the planting behind. Arrange amongst interestingly incised foliage such as Acanthus mollis (Bear's Breeches) or to complement formal box or yew topiary.

The lattice balls come in three different sizes, designed to add interest to a small courtyard or add a visual focal point to a larger garden. Mix and match the sizes in groups of three or five.

Material: Zinc


  • Small: H:40cm, D:40cm, Weight: 11kg
  • Medium: H:50cm, D: 45cm, Weight: 14kg
  • Large: H:50cm, D:50cm, Weight: 21kg

Note: Any small blemishes and imperfections are characteristic of this hand-crafted product.

Delivery: Your garden feature will be delivered directly to you from the manufacturer in 7–10 working days. A delivery charge of £60 will be applied to each order.