Rustic Rose Arch

Rustic Rose Arch


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With an elegant 19th century sophistication, this Rustic Rose Arch helps to bring an authentic Victorian style to your garden. Handmade by skilled artisans, the intentional rusted finish adds an eye-catching architectural statement, leaving guests speechless. Beautifully detailed, the solid mild steel creates an intriguing geometric pattern down the sides and over the arch.

Due to this intricate metal weaving, it is the perfect way to display roses or other climbing plants. Your flora will intertwine with the steel, gracefully wrapping around every curve to create some distinctive ornamentation. Perfect for placing over a garden path as a striking entranceway or paired with a bench to create a serene seating area. Overtime it will be a pleasure to watch your roses, and subsequently the arch, change and bloom with the coming of the seasons.

Comes in five easy-to-assemble parts.

Dimensions: H: 230cm, W: 130cm, D: 55cm 

Weight: 50.5kg 

Material: Rusted 10mm solid mild steel 

Care: Periodically use wire wool or an abrasive pad to remove any loose rust, then regular oiling with vegetable oil will help keep them in good condition.