Zinc Nest Balls, Small, Medium and Large

Zinc Nest Balls


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The twentieth-century British sculptor Henry Moore observed that enclosed space is descriptively as powerful as solid form. These highly sculptural Zinc Nest Balls are a case in point. From afar they appear to be solid spheres; close to their composition is attractively disjointed and transparent. Contemporary in design, they can be a striking focal point in a vista, settle gently into the landscapre or add expression to more confined courtyard areas.

Hand built from cylindrical bore zinc, the patterns formed by the disjointed metal are inspired by organic forms: trees, leaf veins, branches. Naturally, due to the effect of time and weather, the patina of the zinc matures beautifully. Because of this, the Zinc Nest Balls offer a wonderful juxtaposition with sculptural planting such as toparied Buxus and Ilex crenata, or contrast superbly with soft planting such as grasses, Hakonechloa or Carex, for example.

The Zinc Nest Balls come in three different sizes and can be grouped together to great effect. Roll them into place and see where they settle, there is no ‘right way up’.

Material: Zinc


  • Small: H:48cm, Dia:50cm, Weight: 12kg
  • Medium: H:67cm, Dia:70cm, Weight: 21kg
  • Large: H:85cm, Dia:90cm, Weight: 32kg

Note: Any small blemishes and imperfections are characteristic of this hand-crafted product.

Delivery: Your garden feature will be delivered directly to you from the manufacturer in 7–10 working days. A delivery charge of £60 will be applied to each order.