Dandelion Solar Lights

Dandelion Solar Lights



This captivating dandelion shaped solar light beautifully imitates its natural cousin, the dandelion clock. As a child it was such a shame we couldn’t resist blowing their seeds off, because there was something so satisfying about their delicate fluffiness! Recapture that charm with these elegant dandelion lights.

Their white LEDs give off a sophisticated charisma, and warm your garden space with a pleasant ambience. Place them within flower beds to accentuate your floral decoration, or pair them along pathways to create an enchanting light feature. They come fit with a three-meter cable from the stake to the solar panel, allowing you to illuminate even the darkest of spaces in your garden. Simply wait until dusk and they will automatically turn on for six hours.

Please choose from the following sizes: 

  • Medium (35cm)
  • Large (45cm)


  • Medium (96 LEDs) - H: 100cm, Dia: 35cm 
  • Large (120 LEDs) - H: 100cm, Dia: 45cm  

Materials: Metal stand with LED bulbs

Colour: Black stand, white LEDs 

Power: Solar powered battery. Can be operated using 4 AA batteries as well. 

Tips for use: Needs to be left off to charge in the sun for 72 hours before use. Make sure the solar panel is always clean and left in direct sunlight.