Moghul Lanterns

Moghul Lanterns


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As you might expect from the name, these exquisite lanterns incorporate highly decorative elements of Moghul design. Hexagonal in form, they have a pleasingly patinated, coloured metal casing, which has been handmade before being glazed on all sides. The top of the lanterns have an attractively pierced frieze, which also allows hot air to escape when the candle is alight. At the apex is an eastern flourish, recalling the top of a minaret, just below which is a carrying handle, the handpiece made out of wood to avoid conducting heat.

In the winter, Moghul Lanters looks beautiful placed on a table to welcome guests (the bases may become hot after time); in the summer, suspend them from a branch or wall hook for atmospheric lighting in the garden.

Available in two colours:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue

 (In case you have run out, please look at our Burford Church Candles.)

Colours: Distressed Green, Distressed Red

Dimensions: H:20cm, W:20cm, D:20cm

Materials: Wrought iron and glass

Takes a church-style candle or selection of tea-lights