French Urns

Aged Metal French Urns


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These classic aged metal French urns are hand-cast with all the evidence of the stunning craftsmanship that went into producing them. With a patinated finish and graceful style, the rustic aesthetic of these urns means they will look at home in any garden. An aged, weathered look gives the impression of years of use, with hints of green moss to allow the urn to subtly blend with other features of your garden.

Coming in two sizes, they work as planters or stand-alone decorative pieces. Easy to handle with a weighty feel, these sturdy urns are also weather-resistant and long-lasting. They will look great on a wall or positioned along a garden path.

A timeless piece to add in your garden, in a classical style that has never gone out of fashion.

Available in two sizes:

  • Small, Dia.: 23cm
  • Large, Dia.: 27cm


Material: Mild steel


  • Small: H:22.5cm, Dia:23cm, W:39cm
  • Large: H:30.5cm, Dia:27.5cm, W:39cm