Brown Round Volcano Pots - in Small and Large

Brown Round Volcano Pots - in Small and Large


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These Brown Round Volcano pots look magnificent planted up, yet they still make a statement when left to stand alone. Handmade from clay by skilled artisans, these planters have been inspired by the volcanic look. Topped with a gorgeous looking glazed finish, the pots neck echoes the magma flows that cascade down the likes of Vesuvius. With this glossy look its rim will elegantly glisten in the sun.

Further down, we see the aesthetic shift to an earthy ruggedness. Equally beautiful, this styling takes its inspiration from the abrasive texture, intrinsic to igneous rock. Irregular grooves and dents cover the main body, creating an enthralling porous look. This unique texturing makes the pot a real stand out piece, helping to draw attention to your flora of choice. Well-built and immensely distinctive, these planters offer a refreshing take on garden ceramics and we absolutely love it!

Available in two sizes: 

  • Small 
  • Large 


  • Small: H: 41cm, Dia: 28cm 
  • Large: H: 66cm, Dia: 52cm 

Material: Clay 

Care: If required, brush with soapy water, avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals 

Frost and UV resistant