Brown Round Volcano Pot (Lipped)

Brown Round Volcano Pots (Lipped)


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These Brown Round Volcano Pots are simply a joy to gaze upon. Handmade from clay by skilled artisans, they have been styled in a beautiful, unrefined, volcanic look (hence the name!). The weathered, porous finish that wraps the exterior was inspired by the fractured texture of magma rock. Extensive fragmentation runs down the sides of the pot, creating an earthy quality and tantalizing rustic décor. Intriguingly textured, they look like they have just erupted from Mount Etna herself.

Irregular in design, each pot is unique from one another. The shape of the clay pieces varies, alongside their colouring, with some holding a glossier finish. Situate one of these planters on a sunny terrace to witness the sun delicately glisten off the surface. Or perhaps let them settle calmly on an open lawn. Deeply spaced these pots are great for the creative horticulturist. Fill them with herbaceous plants, such as rose shrubs, or perhaps leave them empty; uniquely styled they are fashionable enough to stand alone. Wherever you choose to put them and whichever flora you place within, they will certainly provide some eye-catching ornamentation to your home.

Dimensions: H: 84cm, Diameter: 53cm 

Materials: Clay

Care: If required, brush with soapy water, avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals 

Frost and UV resistant