Green Round Volcano Pots - Large

Green Round Volcano Pots (Lipped) - in Large and Extra Large


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Planted or left empty, these handmade Green Round Volcano pots make a real statement on your terrace or dotted throughout the lawn. It almost feels wrong to refer to them as mere pots, we see them instead as decadent pieces of garden architecture. Skilled artisans have created the weathered, porous finish that wraps the exterior. Inspired by the fractured texture of magma rock, delicate grooves and dents run across the surface, creating this wonderful volcanic aesthetic.

Contrasting the clays abrasive texture are the stylishly glazed dips in the surface. Holding a glossy finish and bold jade colouring, they resonate the beautiful iridescence of obsidian rock. On a sunny day, these grooves will catch the sun and delicately glisten, bringing an eye-catching feature to your garden. Deeply spaced these pots are great for the creative horticulturist. Fill them with herbaceous plants, such as rose shrubs, or perhaps leave them empty; uniquely styled their fashionable enough to stand alone. Wherever you choose to put them and whichever flora you place within, they will be sure to turn some heads.

Available in two different sizes: 

  • Large 
  • Extra Large 


  • Large: H: 85cm, Dia: 53cm
  • Extra Large: H: 90cm, Dia: 73cm

Materials: Clay 

Care: If required, brush with soapy water, avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals 

Frost and UV resistant