Grey Round Volcano Pot (White Glaze)

Grey Round Volcano Pot (White Glaze)


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This Grey Round Volcano pot, unlike our others, holds a more understated aesthetic. It's neutral colour palette makes it a very stylish garden planter. The muted grey tones, that circle the rim, hold a wonderful natural colouring, inspired by cooled lava rock. Styled with a porous texture it provides a distinctive characteristic.

The main body has been wrapped in a white glaze to give a contrasting, glossy surface. Yet, the colour scheme remains with a soft, pastel white hue. Immensely tasteful, this planter takes on an almost Mediterranean look, as opposed to its volcanic counterparts. This elegant minimalism makes it a great planter for use on terraces or perhaps dotted throughout a lawn. With a simple design, we have found it really helps draw attention to your flora of choice.

Dimensions: H: 48cm, Dia: 56cm 

Materials: Clay 

Care: If required, brush with soapy water, avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals

Frost and UV resistant