Grey Round Volcano Pots - in Medium and Large

Grey Round Volcano Pots - in Medium and Large



Planted or left empty, these handmade Round Volcano pots make a real statement on your terrace or dotted throughout the lawn. Around the neck, skilled artisans have created a fascinating weathered look. Inspired by the fractured texture of magma rock, they hold a porous finish that boasts a tantalizing rustic décor. Whilst their tops seem to have been ablaze for eons in the basin of a volcano, their body holds a very different aesthetic.

Hand moulded grooves have been etched onto the sides of the pots, making them reminiscent of traditional Koronaki beehive planters. Elegantly curving inwards, their rounded shape has been beautifully glazed, contrasting the more abrasive finish at the neck. Well-built and immensely unique, these planters offer a refreshing take on garden ceramics and we absolutely love it!

Available in two sizes: 

  • Medium 
  • Large 


  • Medium: H: 52cm, Dia: 39cm 
  • Large: H: 66cm, Dia: 52cm 

Materials: Clay 

Care: If required, brush with soapy water, avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals

Frost and UV resistant