Stone Basket

Stone Basket


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Hand-carved from stone in the rolling hills of Tarn, East Toulouse, this Stone Basket boasts an immense level of decoration. Embellished around the rim is an array of floral motifs, which beautifully harmonise with your flowers, if used as a planter. The intricate weave affect around the base evokes the simplicity of a traditional wooden basket, resulting in a stylish blend of minimalism and elegant ornamentation.

These baskets can be left alone to provide some unique decoration around the garden; however, we think they look best planted. Perhaps plant some white hydrangeas to compliment the neutral tones of the basket. Or be a bit more daring and plant some vibrant flowers to create an eye-catching explosion of colour. Whichever way you choose to use these baskets, they will be sure to bring some distinctive decoration to your garden this summer.

Dimensions: H: 77cm, W: 52cm, D: 77cm 

Weight: 94kg 

Materials: Reconstituted Stone 

Care: If required, brush with soapy water, avoid using harsh chemicals