Corvus Copper Pick Cultivator

Corvus Copper Pick Cultivator


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Combining functionality and elegance, the Corvus hand cultivator with its single robust, curved prong or tine can be used to root out stubborn weeds and also as a pick for loosening and aerating the soil.

Its beautifully shaped beech handle makes this weeder simply a joy to use. The single tine is made from a copper alloy, cold hardened for durability; it is light and effortless to use with minimal friction. The metal will not break even under considerable stress and can easily be bent back into shape, reworked and sharpened. The Corvus cultivator will last for years, developing a graceful bronze patina over time, without rusting.

A practical garden hand tool, ideal for heavy duty use around the garden, and very helpful for working on raised beds and in the greenhouse. As you work, you will enrich the soil with copper trace elements and thereby provide your plants with essential nutrients.

L:36cm, W:11cm

Please note this item is only available for purchase and collection in store.

It is not for sale to under 18 year olds. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.