Dandelion Spade

Dandelion Spade


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This Dandelion Spade is from a family-owned Dutch garden tools company with over four generations of gardening know how. Such expertise is evident in the graceful design and exceptional engineering of this spade. Forged by hand using traditional methods, it is ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced, making it simply a joy to use.

Unfortunately it only takes a few misplaced dandelions to ruin the view of an otherwise pristine garden. The 21cm stainless steel scooped blade of this dandelion spade has been designed just for the job. With a 'T' shaped ash handle, and foot rest at the side, it means you can effortessly cut deep into the lawn and scoop out those pesky weeds, returning your garden to its former glory. Built to last a lifetime, this garden tool is essential for the discerning gardener. 

Materials: Stainless steel, wood

Dimensions: Total length:96cm, Width of head:4cm


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