Field Shef

Field Shef


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Released at Chelsea Flower show in 2018 – to much excitement – the Field Shef is a hybrid of a spade and fork designed for gardeners to turn labour intensive jobs into a pleasant exercise. A family-owned Dutch garden tools company, with over four generations of gardening know how, hand forged this garden tool using traditional methods, resulting in a robust nature and perfectly weighted body.

The sharpened, stainless-steel blade is ideal for transplanting and cutting up roots. Making this tool unique are the central cut-outs upon the steel head, this results in less resistance when pushing into the soil. Combining incredible practicality with an iconic design, this versatile garden implement is intended for a lifetime of happy use.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Ash Wood 


  • Width of Head: 14cm
  • Length of head: 23cm
  • Length of Handle: 90cm 
  • Total Length: 115cm

Weight: 1.6kg