Great Dixter Tall Bulb Planter

Great Dixter Tall Bulb Planter


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Plant bulbs without breaking your back with the very best tool for the job! Its cleverly shaped wide cross handle of ash, tapered head and double foot bars make this ideal for bulb planting in turf in a naturalistic manner, as you walk about, with no bending required. According to Gardens Illustrated magazine, this is the very best tool for planting bulbs in turf.

To use, simply insert the planter into the ground, using the foot bars, lift up to reveal a hole, drop in the bulb, replace the clod of earth via the releasing mechanism, tamper the earth a bit, and then go on to make the next hole.

Head L:9cm, W:4cm; total L:104cm; handle L:78cm

Plug D:9cm; plug W:6cm narrowing to 4cm

Weight: 1.6kg

Branded with the Burford Garden Company logo.