Handheld Bulb Planter

Handheld Bulb Planter


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This Hand Bulb Planter comes from a family-owned Dutch garden tools company with over four generations of gardening know how. Bulb planting may seem like a task only worthwhile when your bulbs emerge months later in the garden, however, this wonderfully engineered planter makes this task a pleasure.

Hand forged from quality stainless-steel it holds an elegant yet robust design that makes it comfy to hold and simply a joy to use. Insert the planter into the ground, lift to reveal a hole, drop your bulb in, replace the clod of earth, tamper the earth a bit and then go on to make the next hole. Planting has never been so easy!


  • Width of head: 6cm
  • Length of head: 12.5cm
  • Length of handle: 13.5cm
  • Total length: 29cm

Weight: 0.53kg

Materials: Stainless-steel and Wood 

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